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Residential Pricing Structure

Rapid Testing (0.2µg or 0.5µg)

Bronze Service – $250

Our Bronze Service is our basic most cost friendly service to our clients that aims to target common areas of any residential property. In this service we offer you your very own choice of what you would like tested in your own property up to a maximum of 5 rooms or areas.

Silver Service – $300

Our Silver Service is our mid-tier service that we offer to our clients. This service will generally cover most the rooms or areas in any household that you wish to have tested. With the Silver Service, you have the choice of getting 8 rooms or areas tested which is a significant step-up from our Bronze Service.

Gold Service – $400

Our Gold Service is our premium service that we offer to our clients. This service is designed to give you the option and flexibility to have every room or area in your house tested to give you the ultimate peace of mind that your property is free from potentially harmful Methamphetamine contamination. The Gold Service offers you your very own choice of having up to 13 rooms or areas tested in your property.


We can test vehicles as well, get in touch for a quote.

NIOSH 9111 Laboratory Sampling

NIOSH 9111 Laboratory SamplingBunbury Illicit Testing Services does offer NIOSH 9111 Laboratory Sampling but will never conduct these activities without written consent from the client responsible for the account. This type of sampling will only ever be done on a positive rapid test result for that particular room or area only. Please contact us directly to enquire about information and pricing for this service. 

Room & Area List

Please see below for an example on what can test for you:

  • Master Bedroom
  • General Household Bedrooms
  • Master En-suite / Bathroom
  • Household Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Theatre Room
  • Activity Room
  • Study Room
  • Laundry
  • Household Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Shed

Above is just an example of areas or rooms that may be contained within your property. When booking your service please inform our friendly staff what you would like to have tested within the confines of each package.

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Other Information

  • Bunbury Illicit Testing Services does not offer testing in roof spaces or areas within a premises that are inaccessible. The person that is booking our services needs to ensure that access is given to all areas of the premises on the day so we can conduct our work on your behalf.
  • Bunbury Illicit Testing Services also conducts non-intrusive inspections on the property. Staff will never move furniture, dismantle fittings or fixtures or scrape paint away from walls for the purposes of testing without prior written consent. We will also never enter your property or premises unless somebody is home on the day (for individual client bookings).
  • Our Rapid Testing Services are inclusive of receiving a tailor-made electronic report for your property within 7 days of having the testing completed on the premises. If you have elected to have NIOSH 9111 Sampling done on a positive rapid test result, the time will take longer as we need to wait on the report from our NATA approved Laboratory in Perth.
  • If we are requested to conduct NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling for an Individual client we will require the full payment upfront prior to us conducting the work.
  • Bunbury illicit Testing Services does charge proportional travel outside of a 30km radius of the city centre. The cost is 50c per km outside of the 30km zone.
  • All works will be subject to the completion of Bunbury Illicit Testing Services Pre-Engagement Inspection Agreement prior to work commencing. 

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