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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 0.2µg and 0.5µg Rapid Testing?

The difference between 0.2µg and 0.5µg testing is purely a minimum level of contamination (residue) that the sample is being tested at. Evidence from the Sir Peter Gluckman Report stated that a single smoking session of Methamphetamine can leave up to 0.1 µg per 100cm/2 on a surface and up to 1.5µg for multiple sessions all the way up to around 5.0 µg for 20 sessions in a premises. Readings will vary depending on room size as the smaller the room the greater the surface deposit, meaning higher the concentration.

The Australian Guidelines state that a residential property is deemed contaminated at a reading of 0.5ug or above for high use areas within that property.  Therefore testing at 0.2 µg will have an extremely high probability of getting a positive result if Methamphetamine smoking has been conducted in that particular room that is tested.

What is the difference between Rapid Testing and NIOSH 9111 Testing?

There a couple of key differences between the two types of testing regime. Firstly, a rapid test is an instant test that is done which basically gives a yes/no answer for Methamphetamine residue contamination at the prescribed level tested at (0.2 µg or 0.5 µg) whereas a NIOSH 9111 test is a type of wipe sample methodology that is done and sent to a NATA approved laboratory for analysis. What the NIOSH 9111 sample does is tell us what the level of the contamination is in that particular room in the property.

Secondly the other difference is around price as NIOSH 9111 sampling can become costly. This is why we will never do this service unless instructed to under receiving a positive rapid test sample or being actioned by the customer from the report that we have produced from the rapid testing.

I live out of the Bunbury region. Will Bunbury Illicit Testing Services travel to me?

Yes, we do! Our current pricing structure includes travel and call-out costs within 30km of the Bunbury City Centre radius. If you live outside of this radius we will, unfortunately, have to charge a travelling fee proportional to the distance that you live away. This fee is 50c per km. Please enquire with our friendly staff before booking our services.

Do I get a report once my property is tested?

Yes! Bunbury Illicit Testing Services will issue an electronic copy of your property report via email within 7 days of having your property tested via a Rapid Test sampling method, providing payment has been made in full. If you need NIOSH 9111 sampling done the time does increase as we need to wait till we get your results back from the Laboratory in Perth. This can take up to 5 working days. We always aim to get all reports out too our clients as soon as possible.

What about my privacy?

Bunbury Illicit Testing Services does not disclose any information about our clients without their prior written consent. We also do not provide third parties with any information about our clients or testing results without prior written consent.

Does Bunbury Illicit Testing Services offer services for Property Managers and Real Estate companies?

Absolutely! Please enquire or organise a time for us to come visit you free of charge if you are in the Bunbury region to give you a rundown of our services and what we can offer you and your business.

What is the booking process and how does our costing work?

A booking process is easy! Simply email, call or enquire through our website and one of our staff will be in touch with you shortly after. Please also have a list of rooms or areas you want tested under the package you choose.

We will send you a quotation and a copy of Bunbury Illicit Testing Services Pre-Engagement Inspection to ensure you have an understanding and are comfortable with the scope of works. For individual clients that are making a booking we will require a 50% payment of the total cost upfront and then we will send an invoice electronically for the remainder of the cost once works are completed. When payment is received in full we will issue your property / testing report.

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